I  believe

After Years

 of attempting to fit into different boxes, I'm finally accepting the shape of my own. My fundamental desire is to encourage people to find confidence in their individual mold too. I believe in the power of a positive perspective and hope to be a light to others. I do not have all the answers, and I'm still learning so much about myself. Though if anything, I just hope to be a continuous source of warmth, good energy, and encouragement along the way.

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Some Fun Facts 

01. Favorite Artist
02. Guilty Pleasure
03. Favorite Color
04. Platform of Choice
05. Dream Destination Vacation
06. Favorite Cocktail
07. Place to shop
08. Superpower


Fast food! 


The Maldives


TJ Maxx (it is a treasure chest)

Making people feel good


The gal behind
the screen

I'm an introverted-extrovert by nature (talk about an oxymoron). Personally, I stand on so many points of the spectrum. The strategic, task-oriented part of me longs to establish clear boxes of differentiation. Yet, the ever-inspired artist in my soul leaps willingly into the void spaces. My Spotify playlists range from Beyonce' to Frank Sinatra. I perform improv dance routines while cleaning my house and still enjoy playing dress up. Unlike Drake's Hotline Bling lyrics, I'm not running out of pages in my passport, but wanderlust is pushing me to new places. I'm socially-conscious and finding my own voice on issues that matter to me.

At the end of the day...

I'm still the doe-eyed 6-year old imagining the possibilities of all she could see and experience in life. A mellow soul with a big smile and a heart to match. Wanting to make people feel seen and heard for who they are. I've experienced first-hand being rejected for who I am and it influences everything I do. I know why I'm on this earth, but I aim to help others discover their "Why" too. I work hard for what I want and believe nothing worth having comes easy. I'm just out here chasing my dreams and designing the life I imagine. I hope in time we can get to know each other more!

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I Am A....


Abstract thinker with a colorful imagination. Ultimately aiming to create innovative concepts and inspire action for clients and audiences alike.


Avid planner with a knack for brainstorming and developing thorough, strategic plans.


Visual designer with an eye for aesthetics and a love for modern, compelling imagery.


Collaborator with a passion for sharing narratives through branding, writing, photography, film, audio and live performance. Hoping to help others discover their purpose and live a fulfilling life through engaging storytelling.


A dancer with a passion for the performing arts and artistic expression in all different areas.


An individual who uses the power of love and light to uplift others and make people feel good.