You don't have to do it alone!

Branding is what people say about you when you're

not in the room.

Consider the brands you love. They are memorable. Timeless. Clear. You understand them, trust in them, and want to incorporate them into your life. Now, consider yourself, whether a business or an individual. I'm willing to bet you are a great person, with so much to offer the world. So, how do you tell your story? Better yet, how do you make your story resonate with people? Together we can work together to make your digital presence shine as bright as your physical.

Personal Development

This track is for an individual who wants to focus on their personal development. The process will dive in various areas of life (i.e. career/ wellness/etc.). It will be based on mentorship and accountability.

Group Sessions

"Studio Sessions" will be available for organizations and groups. (Dreaming of hosting a conference someday). These group sessions will be part presentation/ open discussions using storytelling and creative exercises to encourage personal development.


I also offer on-site support for the day of your projects or events. I will help manage and coordinate logistics in real-time, styling, set creation, and capture behind-the-scenes content so you can focus on enjoying the moment.