Your Story

Is waiting to be heard.

Consider the brands you love. They are memorable. Timeless. Clear. You understand them, trust in them, and want to incorporate them into your life. Now, consider yourself, whether a business or an individual. I'm willing to bet you are a great person, with so much to offer the world. So, how do you tell your story? Better yet, how do you make your story resonate with people? 


Half the battle of changing your life is simply starting. Many times the delay comes from not necessarily knowing where to begin. My freelance services aims to help you to find direction. The three main focus areas are: Planning, Direction, and Styling. Dive deeper into the service offerings below and let's tell your story together!




Key Focuses

New website with details will be launching this November!


Creative strategy and planning to help you develop actionable game plans for your projects and concepts.


Creative direction and assistance for on-set and day-of photo shoots, productions, and events. 


Styling and visual curation for digital, print and in-person aesthetics of productions and branding collateral.


Creative workshop sessions, guest speaking, hosting, MCing, and brand collaborations. 

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