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Consider the brands you love. They are memorable. Timeless. Clear. You understand them, trust in them, and want to incorporate them into your life. Now, consider yourself, whether a business or an individual. I'm willing to bet you are a great person, with so much to offer the world. So, how do you tell your story? Better yet, how do you make your story resonate with people? 


Half the battle of changing your life is simply starting. Many times the delay comes from not necessarily knowing where to begin. My freelance services aims to help you to find direction. The three main focus areas are: Strategy, Branding, and Content. Dive deeper into the service offerings below and let's tell your story together!




Brand Strategy + Management

The "Storytelling Studio" is a 5-part process of developing your brand identity. Through one-on-one sessions, we will focus on setting you up with a long-term strategy to maximize your presence. Including Research + Audience Building, Strategic Planning, Aesthetic Creation, Vision mapping, Social Media Planning.

Content Planning

Have an idea, but don't know where to start? Together we can plan and develop your idea through visualization and brainstorming.

Visual Curation

I can help visually organize and curate content and products in a way that aligns to your vision and goals.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Together, we'll convey what statement you want to make through visuals. (Fashion, headshots, events, product)

Creative Direction

In this element, I step in during the execution process and help to guide the creative flow of projects.

Content Creation

I help craft stories through a variety of mediums. Every story reflects my subject's character, but also ties back into the strategies of your action plan.

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