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Every brand has a story.

I Can Tell Your Story Through My Platforms

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My ability to approach content creation from both a client and creator perspective allows me to bridge a connection between the industry needs of both.

 As a professional marketer, I understand the necessity of data-driven promotional messaging. However, it's not enough to just give away a product; there needs to be a narrative. I always base mine on relatable energy. My followers ARE my friends, so my storytelling comes from a place of genuine excitement to share with them. Then, blending my deeper understanding of the industry with creative strategy, I work to make sure I execute your outlined vision. If you invest your resources in working with me, I promise to help bring the essence of your brand to life in engaging ways!

A few of my recent brand partners:
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Products & Features
Lifestyle & Beauty
Travel & Experiences

Shelby is one of the most hardworking and passionate people I know. When she has a vision she uses every possible resource to achieve her goals. Communication and creative storytelling come naturally to her. She can captivate with both words and her kind heart. I am lucky to have been able to work beside her. 

- Reyna, San Diego


Strategically blending creativity with communication to highlight value and drive engagement.

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 Any project I work on is curated with intention. When doing brand partnerships and built with the goal of connecting to my online community. My concepts are rooted in KPI goals and measured for impact. Over the years, I've participated in a number of opportunities that drove brand expansion and acquired new consumer relationships. 

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Interested in Working Together?

I'm always looking to connect with new brands and individuals! Whether it's business outreach, or simply to sync up for an introductory coffee chat. Let's connect and keep the good vibes flowing.



Follow along and get to know me more on social! I'm @shelbywilburn_ on all platforms!

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