Candid Conversations

12 anonymous people. One question each post. A variety of outcomes. Creative storytelling is my way of breaking barriers and opening minds. Using my inner light to bridge connections with people and highlighting stories to bring us together. Topics like love, loss, fear, courage, change, growth. Feelings we can all relate to no matter what our background is. Hearing real experiences centered around these topics empowers us to navigate the direction of our own lives. It definitely has for me and I want to pay it forward. These mini interviews are small stories to remind us how we can all find similarities through our experiences. Share a moment of a significant change in your life. What was the impact?


"In the last 6 months I got my dream job, moved to NYC, and entered into my first relationship. I’m 24, and the last 6 months have felt like a dream come true, and I am happier than I’ve ever been. But the flip side to that is that now I’m also scared. I constantly fear that I’ll be laid off or fired; that my boyfriend will dump me; that I’ll have to move back home. I think for the first I actually have something to loose and that makes me constantly fearful of loosing it."


"Learning to love myself again and not put up with anything less than I deserve. It was amazing to me how much happier and less anxiety ridden my life became."


"Deciding to change careers at the age of 29. I let go of my apartment that I absolutely loved, quit my job that I hated and drained the life out of me, moved halfway across the county and went back to school. I couldn’t be happier that I did."


I worked a summer in DC where I worked at a PR office. I discovered I didn’t care for PR as much as I thought I would. I changed the trajectory of my career after that summer and have found something I love.


"I graduated college in 2017. This was a HUGE deal for me. I was the first on my dad’s side of the family to graduate from a traditional four-year university, and it was one of my first times feeling like I truly succeeded and finished something huge. I wasn’t nervous for the journey ahead — I was EXCITED!"


"After a bad relationship I started treating myself with love and self care. Dates with myself, doing with for me, and I've been so much happier since."


"When my parents got divorced after 25 years, it changed my view of them and of marriage altogether. I had to adjust to seeing them as single adults that can make solo decisions that I didn’t always agree with. It changed my relationship with my dad because I often related with him through my mom, but couldn’t anymore. It made holidays more complicated and sad."


"In the summer of 2018 I quit my job without a plan for the future or really any savings to live off of. I pinched pennies, borrowed money, rolled burritos on the side for a free meal and some extra money. I was unemployed for two months. It has taken me almost four months of full-time gainful employment to regain my sense of stability and to achieve a certain level of financial security as well, but it was extremely necessary. I learned that I had so much support around me and the majority of my circle truly believed that I was capable of anything I set my mind to. I think that's a power that we all forget, but the people around us see all that we are capable of rather than what we don't think we can do. No one was truly worried about me being jobless for a few months which is very telling of their belief in my abilities."


"I decided a while ago that in order to be happy I needed to put myself first. It has jaded a lot of people whom I considered my friend but who wanted everything for themselves first."


"Last tear when a 5 year relationship ended. The impact was really hard for me. Little did I know I had no idea who I was was anymore. But things are slowly making more sense then they ever have, and I’m feeling like a new me again."


"Very recently, I messed up pretty bad at work. Got reprimanded and it was no fun. But it helped. I realized I was starting to fall into a routine and not putting in as much effort as I once was. I ended up really appreciating the moment."


"It’s been almost two years since my apartment was broken into and my life and belongings were completely violated. This sparked a change in how I continued to live, for sure. We all live in this bubble of false security until we become the victim. The impact of this event was negative because my anxiety skyrocketed and still lingers. It was also somewhat positive because I learned that bad things happen to everyone and the way we react and move on is our most important responsibility."


We all have a story. Take some time to share yours more often. Until next time. Sending love and light always. :)