Imagine your life vision as a 500-piece puzzle. Intricately pieced together by the experiences and stories of your life.

Now imagine your life today, in this exact moment. You are holding a single piece of (said) puzzle.

Maybe you want to be a big-time Broadway star? However, right now, you live in a small market, with only one professional performance under your belt. Maybe you dream of building a global brand, but only have a small blog? (hi) Now, when we look at the tiny piece we have in our hands, larger visions seem FAR away. Throw in the circumstances we face, and completing our puzzle seems nearly impossible.

Personally, over the past few months, I cried many nights over my bucket of circumstances. Struggles and sacrifice. Body image insecurities and low self-esteem. Lack of ability to accomplish things I want to do. Frustration with people fueled by pain harbored inside. Regret for things I can't change.

But all of these difficulties are not the issue.

I am.

My mindset. My ability to allow these circumstances to negatively impact my life.

When we focus on everything going wrong in our lives, we forget about the little piece of the puzzle. The one we can apply to the larger picture. Instead, we become wrapped up in fueling energy into the very things holding us captive. Ultimately, stunting our progress and abolishing our happiness. What if we did right by the piece we hold? What if we understood it is a small part of the picture we dream of?

Life gets disgustingly ugly sometimes. Yes, it is absolutely acceptable to feel emotions connected to hard times. Though we shouldn't rest on them as justification. How about we hustle with what we have and find gratitude for what we can still accomplish within those hard times. Yes, there was a time when my camera was ancient and I didn't have a fully-functioning computer, but you better believe I was downstairs in the business center of my apartment complex writing blogs. My blog was my little piece at that time and I was going to do whatever it took to finish the puzzle. Again, we are allowed to acknowledge and feel the mountain of problems surrounding us. The goal is to not get stuck there.

Bottom line: We can't fall apart when life hits the fan.

Nurture the puzzle piece you have, whatever it may be, and more will be earned in time. Be faithful and grateful over the little you have right now and you will continuously be given pieces to create what you desire. It can be challenging to maintain the mindset, but definitely not impossible. Continuously remind yourself the present reality is not permanent. There is more in store for the journey of your life.

Most importantly, don't allow the circumstances of life to dim your light.

Sending love and light always. :)