Foresight is 20/20

Hindsight is 20/20.

The age-old remedy to comfort ourselves in situations where we feel our vision was blurred. Education choices, relationships, career moves, you name it. Looking back, we always attempt to find the moment where everything could have changed.

However, what about foresight?

You're probably thinking, "20/20 foresight vision? Impossible.". Which in certain aspects, yes, it is impossible. There is no crystal ball on my table. I cannot tell you EXACTLY where you'll be in five years. However, the foresight I speak of, is what any successful person you admire calls: VISION.

During a professional growth exercise, my former boss and I worked together to map out my life vision. The requirement: name anything and everything you have a passion to accomplish. No limits, no exclusions. Without hesitation, I knew what I wanted to say.

I want to be a creator, running a lifestyle platform to empower others to design a life they dream of. Within that vision, I want to run a collaborative personal development program. Create a scholarship fund to give young people opportunities to chase their dreams. Host an emerging leaders conference, providing a platform for attendees to share their ideas and vision. Do content creation as an ambassador for diverse business owners. Design an affordable fashion/lifestyle line (because it's me. lol). I want to live a life knowing I inspired people and gave them a platform and opportunity to influence change.

THAT is my vision for my life. And I have faith I can accomplish it. I WILL accomplish it.

Because every single day, I'm working to make sure I keep my foresight crystal clear. I write daily. I look at my vision board. I imagine myself speaking to a convention space full of young women. I sketch designs in my notebooks. I read articles and take in visual inspiration from leaders in the space I want to be.

I dream it. I believe it. I SEE it.

What I want to tell you, is not everyone will SEE it. People will not fully understand your purpose or passion. Not everyone will be on board, even the people you desire support from. There is continuous potential to get mocked, brushed off as a dreamer, or be made to feel unrealistic.

Sometimes, living with vision can be a lonely road. You have to have the courage to deal with the isolation. Confidence to defend your goals, yet the awareness to avoid letting fear cripple you. Most importantly, there is no explanation required. Because again, it is YOUR vision, and no one will see it clearer than you.

As the year continues, take time to reflect on what your vision could potentially be. Maybe you're still figuring things out, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It took many experiences, lessons, and moments to really grasp what I want. If you are unsure, a starting point can definitely be asking yourself: "If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?" Then let your thoughts and ideas evolve from there. You might be surprised what revelations will come about. :) If you are aware of the vision you have for your life, whatever you do, do not lose sight of it. Wake up every morning reminding yourself of your why.

Understand achievement does not come overnight and takes time (emphasis on time). But do not let (insert amount of time) cause you to waver. Remember it is going to require work, sometimes work that is uncomfortable, or seems to be small in the grand scheme of things. Do not confuse ambition with being ungrateful. I constantly struggle with the idea of deeming myself ungrateful of my current life, because I aspire for things outside of my sphere. Though, dreaming outside of your reality does not make you unappreciative. And if that feeling creeps up, rewind back to your why. You know the foundation of your vision and if it stands on positive intention, then you are justified. You can balance desire and gratitude.

Lastly, have a little faith. The scariest part of having a vision, is walking toward something you cannot physically see in front of you. Something uncertain or intangible. You have to put in the dedication and trust you will reach the end goal. And guess what... you can. Because so many people before us have done so. Have courage, believe, and little by little, your vision will come to life. And someday, when you look back on where you came from, you'll be able to say:

Foresight is 20/20.




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