It's 2020

We're 30 days into the new year and it feels like day 300. Among a birthday, illness, and seemingly 100 million happenings, I'm drained. Emotionally, physically, and mentally I'm just trying to hold on. No one ever talks about this in January though, right? It's all about how we're living our best new lives. The grass is greener over in 2020 because everything from all the subsequent years of the past has evaporated.

The new year isn't always an easy transition time for people. Today, I'm writing for others out there who are somewhat ashamed to admit it's been a rough start to the new decade. For those of us feeling weighed down while trying to get a grasp on everything happening around us. We might not be talking about it openly because we don't want to be deemed "a hater "or a grouch. Better yet, we just don't even have the energy to talk about it period.

If you are having a solid start to 2020, I’m genuinely happy for you. If you’re not, I hope these ideas can help alleviate some pressure.

Don't Be Ashamed.

Just because we are in this lull doesn't mean we aren't grateful. Our sadness doesn't mean we aren't trying to be happy or capable of being optimistic. Don't be made to feel shame for your emotions. The key is feeling them and taking realistic steps to getting to a better place.


The beautiful, chaotic mess we live, is exactly that: our life. We have the power to direct the narrative. Life isn't always going to go our way, but we can pull through even on those days where we struggle to just keep a smile on our face. It's not easy, but those difficult days make the incredible ones feel that much more meaningful.


It's okay to feel like we're losing who we used to be and finding who we are becoming. Go back to being a kid and think of it as play time again. Letting our imagination run again will continue to lead us toward what fulfills us at this point in life.


Boundaries are healthy. We are not bad guys for establishing them. We don't have to accept behaviors for the sake of cordiality. We are allowed to set limits on what impacts us.


Holding in hurt and aggression only gives power to the situations that caused them in the first place. The only person who loses in harboring pain is us. Feel it, acknowledge it, and learn from it. But we have to release it, otherwise those situations will always have power over us.

Be Real.

We can't be everything for everyone and we should stop trying to be. Let's be what we need for ourselves. Show up for the person staring back at us in the mirror. Otherwise we'll never be able to fully show up for the other people who are worth showing up for.

Let go of regret.

It wasn't for nothing. Maybe our plans didn't work out. Maybe life took us in a direction we weren't expecting. But we shouldn't allow misfortune to make us feel like our efforts were in vain. We were meant to be in those places, have those connections, and experience those moments. They shaped us into who we are today, so we can't regret them. Take them for what they were at that time and keep moving forward.

Life is short.

We need to count our blessings. No, life may not be what we want right now, but we're alive. With such devastating loss lately, use it as a reminder to make every day count for something.

Lastly, I'm here with you. You aren't alone because we're all going through challenges to some degree. <3

Yes, it's 2020 and it's only January. There is so much promise left. This can be our year and it will be. It's going to include some growing pains and a little discomfort, but it will have highlights and celebrations too. And in December we'll look back and see all that we've manifested.

Don‘t be ashamed if you’re having a hard time right now. It will get better.

It always does.

Sending you so much love and light. And a big hug through the screen. <3



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