Just Do it

What do you want to wear? What do you want to do? What are your main priorities? Not your mom, best friend, or the cashier. You. I used to be a classified, grade A, people-pleaser. My focus was always geared toward seeking the approval of others, especially those super close to me. Which I've realized is a huge problem with people our age. We get so caught up in focusing on other people, we lose sight of ourselves. Sometimes, I still fall into this trap, but I try to call myself out when I do. If you want to wear cheetah print heels and a tulle skirt on a Tuesday, go for it. If you have no idea what you're doing and just want to take some time to yourself, do it. No one has any right to tell you how to live your life. Because if they did, they'd be living in your shoes.

The fastest way to start taking your life back is taking on life. Branch out and try new things. Don't know how to cook? Buy a cooking class voucher. Always envy friends who share their awesome music festival experiences? Buy a ticket! Stop limiting yourself to activities you think are acceptable for who you are. Don't have anyone to go with? FLY SOLO. Don't miss out on that dinner because you don't have a #squad to back you up (If you only knew how many times I eat all-you-can-eat sushi by myself lol). Take a moment to be your own squad and stop waiting for reasons to do stuff. The more you say yes to new adventures, you'll start to happily fall in love with life and yourself.

Living a life with fulfillment is far more rewarding than always remaining confined by societal boundaries. If you feel conviction in your heart and gut to make a huge change, do it! It's easy to get trapped in what's "realistic". I used to have meltdowns about my "life plans", but it was because I was living for other people. We all know deep down what we love to do. We all know where we dream of being. Stop wasting your time waiting for others to jump on board. Because the longer you wait, the longer you'll doubt yourself and destroy your drive.

I'm no therapist, but I have reached the point of being fed up with waiting for other people to see what I see for myself. If I've learned anything in the last 30 years of my life, it's that people are people. They will celebrate you and tear you down in the same breath. They will tell you your ideas are silly or unrealistic. And many times, they will try to hold you back with "positive intentions", but really just want you to continue playing it safe like them. Maybe I'm reading too many entrepreneur articles, but I really think we are put on this Earth with a purpose. And if you believe in your purpose, follow it through. Have faith and believe in yourself.

Simply put, live the life you want and stop giving a f*%^.

Just do it.