Starting Fresh

New space. New Place.

The past four years of my writing was a beautiful space of growth and self-discovery, but I think it was time to close the door. I've tossed this idea around for awhile, but always found myself trying to hold on. For many reasons, but now I know it's time. Just as many aspects of my life are being renewed, I feel it is necessary in my creative space too.

So, here we are.

I'm excited to share my writing in this new phase of my life. Same Shelbs, different season of growth and observations.

More "we" and less "I".

More self-love, less regret.

More confidence, less doubt.

More me.

Unapologetic, open-minded, warm-hearted "me". Hopefully, connecting deeper and continuing to encourage you.

Welcome to my new space. Grab a glass of whatever makes you feel good and get comfy.

My creative house is your creative house.

Made with love and light. :)