The proof is in the passion of the pursuit

“The proof of passion is in the pursuit.”

Passion. Noun: Strong and barely controllable emotion.

A word I’ve used interchangeably throughout my life. Why?

Because passion exists in a variety of forms. Activities, relationships, feelings, thoughts, etc. And while some passions falter, there is one I just can't shake:

Empowering others to through creative storytelling.

To be honest, for a long time, I fell off faaaarrr off my pursuit. Uncertainty paralyzed me. This is unrealistic, I can’t really make a difference through this. These industries are so over-saturated. I talked myself out of pursuing my passion because I was afraid of the unknown possibilities.Constantly questions came toward me, “What do you want to do?”, which usually led to my timid, “I don’t know, just figuring things out.” But I knew very well what I wanted.

And odds are, you do too.

“I don’t know” is an emotional placeholder. Deep down, we know exactly what we want. Though, what we want isn’t necessarily what others want for us. As hesitation dilutes our courage, we begin doubt our resolve. It is difficult go against the grain. To stray off the beaten path ( a.k.a the path it’s acceptable to be on). So, we usually default to the “quick fix” solution: force ourselves to stifle our dreams and silence our intuition. All because we feel obligated to stay true to “who we are”. Our identities becoming a permanent perception in the eyes of others.

BUT who are YOU really?

Odds are, not the same as a year ago, not even a month. As our experiences expand, our perspectives evolve. Developing into a new version of yourself is not a crime.. Maybe you’ve slowed down on being a social butterfly? Maybe you’ve started spending time with new people? Engaging in new activities? It’s okay to behave, dress, and interact differently than previous years. It’s okay to experience a major shift in dreams and goals.

Nothing is set in stone.

Avoid becoming trapped in in a shell. Venture outside of your comfort zone. Explore new avenues. Trying to hold onto the familiar in the midst of a transition, doesn’t make sense. You know what makes sense. You know what you want. Embrace it and stop living with that weird feeling in your chest.Because it’s not a weird feeling. It’s your intuition driving you toward your passions.

Whether it’s as small as cutting your hair, or as large as moving to a new place; no one else is going to make the choice for you. Trust your gut, give it all you've got, and hit the trail of the pursuit. We're only blessed with one life on this earth. So, do what you believe in your heart you're meant to do.

The sky is the limit. Keep powering through. Sending love and light always. <3