The Women You'll Never Know

Thought you had us figured out, huh?

Sadly, you were mistaken.

Underneath those layers, were small fires. Waiting to be reunited with a surge of oxygen. Fresh air from the freedom of suffocation. Women waiting to deconstruct the confines of criticism, degradation, control, and cynicism surrounding them. thought you had us figured out.

But sadly, you were so mistaken.

As every hour passed, the wounds shrunk. Every day we said "yes" to ourselves, a layer of fear fell away. We began to see, dream, and believe again- in their potential. Reconnecting with hope for a life worth living. We grew taller from the pits of our despair. We started to celebrate our bodies and smile in the mirror again. Slowly reconfiguring our perspective on the women standing directly in front of us.

As this month comes to a close, I write this for those women.

The ones who are etching their names into history.

Curating new realities from free consciousness.

Refusing to let societal expectations box them in or shut them out.

Asserting their voices into the conversation.

Boldly walking into spaces and letting their internal glow illuminate.

Choosing to never sacrifice their identity for acceptance.

You reeeaalllyyy thought you had us all figured out.

Too independent. Too Driven. Too Outspoken. Too quiet. Too nice. Too stubborn. Too boring. Too Bold. Too emotional. Too cold. Too daring. Just to name a few. Though now we stand in that brilliance. The glorious arrangement of sorts that fit together like the puzzle pieces of our divine being. We are emerging and continuing to bloom into the women who will shape generations to come.

You chose to see what you had already "figured out", instead of what was really there.

And while we could all wonder "what if"- one thing is for certain.

All of us... who we are now...

Are the women you'll never know.