Tips To Refresh Your Branding

1. Develop an overarching goal, objectives, strategies and tactics. Whether it's a professional business or your personal brand, define what you want to be known for. Once you have an understanding of your personal messaging, strategically figure out how to live your life as a reflection of those ideals everyday. (Have no idea to start? Check out my blog "Be Your Own Brand" ).

2. Logos, fonts, colors.

Having a consistent color scheme for your brand/ collateral will make you appear clean and memorable. These colors should be used for all designs: think resume, business cards, website layout, notebooks, etc.

3. Aim to make all digital platforms cohesive.

Make all profile pictures, cover photos the same for every social platform, also make your bios similar, if not identical for each platform. This essentially makes it impossible for anyone to not be able to identify you while looking at various accounts. Tying back to number one, it also helps to promote your personal identity and what you want to be known for.

3. Create a website or online portfolio.

I highly recommend this as it can factor into any selection process. Having a central platform provides an additional reference source. Think of your website as mouthpiece, speaking to employers, buyers, anyone when you're not in the room. It can make a SIGNIFICANT difference.

5. Get active on LinkedIn.

Build your LinkedIn profile to get to the all-star status on the meter. Update every job, add examples of your work for each, and get recommendations for past work. The more information you can provide about your experience, the easier it will be to maintain conversation in an interview. Along with boosting your potential as a viable candidate.

7. Design a Business email/ card.

After you’ve designed your logo, color scheme and site, finish it off with business card to match and fit together. Again, it's the little details that will make you memorable. I personally love using Canva, Vistaprint, and Moo. They have thousands of template designs and card packages are reasonably priced.

Hopefully, these little suggestions can get you started! If you have any further questions or even want a little help, don't hesitate to reach out. Check out my services and contact page, and we can sync up to chat more in-depth. Work hard, slay hard!