Half the Battle is Just Starting.

I love making lists and brainstorming. The problem? For years, I struggled to put my plans into action. From wanting to learn a new hobby to starting a business. My Pinterest boards were bursting at the seams, yet I still felt stagnant.  


Many times the delay comes from not necessarily knowing where to begin. My goal is to provide clear, realistic strategies to bring your ideas to life. Regardless of size, I work with people to develop their brand identity, define targeted goals, and creatively tell stories! My content and services provide:

  • Vision Mapping + Goal Setting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Brand Development

  • Content Planning

  • Habit Tracking + System Building




Tidy Desk



Turn your visions and goals into actionable game plans.

You have a vision, I have a game plan.

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What Others Have Said

I am always awestruck by Shelby's approach to innovation and creativity as a marketer. She's an amazing strategic thinker and isn't afraid to ask both easy and difficult questions to tease out the best solutions. As a writer, her prose is always elegant and poised, driving her message across with impact. She's charismatic, bright, and a creative wizard on any team she works on.” 


I don't want to be just another newsletter email inside of your inbox. As a subscriber, you'll receive new, tangible resources on the first of each month for you to apply to the 30 days ahead! Including:

- Intention mapping template

-Interactive e-guide downloads with topics and exercises for strategy and planning

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- A special offer every now and then!

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This website is the home where all my information lives, but I'll be sharing plenty more content on my social platforms. From IG Live interviews to giveaways, there will be a variety of opportunities to continue capturing gems online. Stay connected to see social-specific content and resources! 


 Personal and Professional  Sessions & Collaborations

Do you feel like it is time to tap into your potential? Do you have a vision for where you see yourself in the future? These questions, along with other strategic planning methods and tools, are what help transform small ideas into BIG (attainable) goals. When working with people, I dive into real conversations, discussing detailed objectives and targeted strategies. Ultimately, so we can work together in establishing a clear pathway toward your success. Reach out to learn more!

Shelby Wilburn

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