Creative Direction

Turn your visions and goals into actionable game plans.

Half the Battle is Just Starting.

I love making lists and brainstorming. The problem? For years, I struggled to put my plans into action. From wanting to learn a new hobby to starting a business. My Pinterest boards were bursting at the seams, yet I still felt stagnant.  


Many times the delay comes from not necessarily knowing where to begin. My goal is to provide clear, realistic strategies to bring your ideas to life. Regardless of size, I work with people to develop their brand identity, define targeted goals, and creatively tell stories and bring concepts to life!




You have a vision, I have a game plan.

Below are the ways we can stay connected and grow together!

Strategy & Planning

Brainstorming and conceptualizing strategic plans to achieve your concept or event goals in an efficient manner. We build from scratch and align all tactics to best serve your needs to get your story out to the world!

Development & Ideation

This is where I help you put your plans into action. We can work together for execution, including communications, securing resources, and hammering down the details. Ultimately making sure you are all set to crush your project!

Creative Management

I also offer on-site support for the day of your projects or events. I will help manage and coordinate logistics in real-time, styling, set creation, and capture behind-the-scenes content so you can focus on enjoying the moment. All while having fun together. :) 

What Others Have Said

I am always awestruck by Shelby's approach to innovation and creativity as a marketer. She's an amazing strategic thinker and isn't afraid to ask both easy and difficult questions to tease out the best solutions. As a writer, her prose is always elegant and poised, driving her message across with impact. She's charismatic, bright, and a creative wizard on any team she works on.”  - Heyden E., Nevada