"You don't become what you want, you become what you believe."
- Oprah

Hi ,I'm Shelby!

A woman who believes she will accomplish her wildest dreams. I can typically be found somewhere between being a social butterfly and a cozy homebody. My childhood gift of gab has evolved into a passion for storytelling through different mediums. I enjoy building meaningful relationships and experiencing real moments with others. Engaging in deep conversations and expanding my perspective on life. Through listening to others, I also feel inspired to reflect and share my personal lessons through creative content. My work is rooted in a foundation of humility. Because at the end of the day, we're all human.

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I am a:

Conceptualizing strategic plans and hosting conversations for the global podcast/webinars with the NeuroLeadership Institute team.

Owner of Mélange Studios, an innovation hub for emerging artists launching. Also freelancing as a creator developing concepts, styling, and modeling with brands in different industries around the world. 

Facilitating interviews, panel conversations, and keynote discussions around life, art, and culture in today's society.

After years of attempting to fit into different boxes, I'm finally accepting the shape of my own. My fundamental desire is to create spaces of encouragement for people to feel safe in. Creative storytelling is my way of learning about myself, but also helping others break through their own barriers. I used to perceive vulnerability as a weakness, but once I discovered the power in it, my life has completely changed. I believe in the impact of a positive perspective and hope to be a light to others. Simply put, I'm just a mellow soul with a big smile and a heart to match.



Some brands I've Worked with:

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