You have a vision; 
I have a
 game plan.

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I'm Shelby!

Personality-wise, I stand on so many points of the spectrum. The task-oriented part of me establishes clear boxes of differentiation. Like how I purposefully organize my to-do lists in categories by ink color. Yet, the ever-inspired creator in my soul leaps willingly into the void spaces. My personal interests are as expansive as my Netflix queue. Media, arts, design, style, history, pop culture and so much more. I am an abstract thinker with a colorful imagination. Which is why I'm building my brand to help others bring their ideas to life too. 


Underneath this landing page, digital bits of dust are floating around as I commit to bringing you a whole new vibe. I've been working incredibly hard behind-the-scenes to create meaningful content and strategic solutions to share with you. Ultimately aiming to provide services to help create innovative concepts and inspire action for clients and audiences alike. So thanks for being here and stay tuned for the November 2020 launch! Maybe we can work together in the future. 

Offerings Coming Soon...


Creative strategy and planning to help you develop actionable game plans for your projects and concepts.


Creative direction and assistance for on-set and day-of photo shoots, productions, and events. 


Styling and visual curation for digital, print and in-person aesthetics of productions and branding collateral.


Creative workshop sessions, guest speaking, hosting, MCing, and brand collaborations. 

A Few Kind Words

I am always awestruck by Shelby's approach to innovation and creativity as a marketer. She's an amazing strategic thinker and isn't afraid to ask both easy and difficult questions to tease out the best solutions. As a writer, her prose is always elegant and poised, driving her message across with impact. She's charismatic, bright, and a creative wizard on any team she works on.” 

Heyden E.- Nevada

Global Industry Experience in :

Account Management

Digital Media & Marketing

PR & Advertising

Content Development

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