My Story

Picture This

A 7-year old girl, rocking pigtails and a smile peppered with missing teeth. Sitting in my grandparents' gold velvet reading chair with a Nancy Drew book. That was me, practically EVERY day of my childhood. I've been fascinated by literature and storytelling since 1997. My family always joked "She has her nose in a book, somewhere off in a corner" and it's true! If it wasn't a book, my eyes were glued to broadcast television. What 2nd grader liked watching Oprah and World News Tonight with Peter Jennings?! (Hi..again) Reading and having an appreciation for storytelling in different mediums naturally progressed into why I love it today. 

So who am I now?

Personally, I stand on so many points of the spectrum. The strategic, task-oriented part of me longs to establish clear boxes of differentiation. Yet, the ever-inspired artist in my soul leaps willingly into the void spaces. My Spotify playlists range from Beyoncé to Frank Sinatra. I perform improv dance routines while cleaning my house and still enjoy playing dress up. Unlike Drake's Hotline Bling lyrics, I'm not running out of pages in my passport, but wanderlust is pushing me to new places. I'm socially-conscious and finding my own voice on issues that matter to me. The style in my closet is as expansive as my Netflix queue. At the end of the day, I'm just a mellow soul with a big smile and a heart to match. Hoping to help others discover their purpose and live a fulfilling life on their own terms. I work hard for what I want and believe nothing worth having comes easy. I'm really just out here chasing my dreams and designing the life I imagine. I hope in time we can get to know each other more!

Hobbies & Interests

Content Creation     Art/Design/Crafts    Branding  Photography    Style/ Fashion    Food  Reading  History  Performing Arts Dance Travel   Mentoring & Coaching  Documentaries  Experiential Events

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