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Turning passions into projects.

Service Offerings

Throughout my professional experience, I've developed a love for certain areas. I'm always open to working with brands and individuals on project support they might need in the future. If any of these services catch your eye, I'd be happy to provide more info!

Copywriting (Website & Social Media)

Blog & Article Writing for Brands

Product Photo & Video Content for Social

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Voiceover & Audio Hosting

" Shelby and I have had the pleasure of working together in college and beyond in the early stages of our careers. I am always awestruck by Shelby's approach to innovation and creativity as a writer and marketer. She's an amazing strategic thinker and isn't afraid to ask both easy and difficult questions to tease out the best solutions. Her prose is always elegant and poised, driving her message across with impact. She's charismatic, bright, and a creative wizard on any team she works on." 

- Heyden E., Head of Marketing | OnStrategy

You Are More Than a "Client" To Me..

A single idea can change the trajectory of our lives. This is why I love taking on freelance projects! To cultivate new lanes and ideate different realities for my clients. I believe imagination is neutral- it simply depends on what you feed it that is produced. When I work with clients, I support them by believing in their brand as if it is my own. It's not a matter of "if" success will come; simply a matter of "when".


My mission is to fuel brands to explore new avenues of connecting with consumers. Inspiring you to push past limitations and develop ideas rooted in storytelling authentic to your style, aesthetic, and voice. I truly believe in your potential and remind you every step of the way. At the end of the day, I want to use my passions to help fuel your passions too. When we're done, you will not only have a finished product but a friend who will continue to root for you.

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Let's Bring Your Brand Story to Life

If there is something you're looking for and feel we could be a great team, reach out! Even if not, I can surely point you in the right direction and connect you to a practitioner who will get the job done.

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